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Aging is not a dirty word!

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As we get older, some of our

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Your body is stiffer/less flexible than it used to be and/or you have noticed changes to your posture and/or some joint aches and pains?

♦You are concerned about your ability to easily play sports, to travel, or to continue other activities, without some extra attention to your fitness?

♦You are concerned about chronic illness or your metabolism, and how your body is functioning and aging?  Or perhaps you don’t feel you “fit in” anywhere within mainstream fitness programs?

♦While you may have an active lifestyle, you know you need to do additional types of exercise but you’re not sure how to start?

Sound familiar?  

We are here to help!  Call us at 604-230-1726


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Services Available in: Vancouver, Burnaby, White Rock, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Squamish, Victoria


This site aims to provide you with current, inspiring, and positive information on exercise, health, and the aging process through our blogs and articles.  We cover topics that are important to health as we age from current research and dealing with physiological changes, to social and mental well-being.  In addition to our blogs and articles, you can receive personalized assistance with your fitness program at any time by clicking on our services.  Whether you live in Vancouver or elsewhere, we look forward to serving your health and fitness needs.


No matter what brings you to this site, we wish you the best of health!

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Client Raves:
“Excellent in every way. Friendly, cheery, interesting, helpful. The leaders involved the class in a non challenging way, encouraged participation and questions. A great team.” Yvonne Collins, workshop participant

“Within months of retirement I (was) introduced to Love Your Age, Kate, and my personal trainer Gillian. Gillian customized a program that I felt comfortable attempting, came to my home and got me off on such a solid footing that I’m hooked now on working out at home and confident enough to join group classes for seniors like me.” Marg B. age 66

I am a 65 year old woman with severe rheumatoid arthritis, recently retired. I joined LoveYourAge hoping to get in better shape, maybe lose some weight, and deal with some balance and unsteadiness issues. I met Kate and instantly felt at ease … her positive and supportive attitude gave me lots of confidence and I made considerable progress combined with my general practice of walking.  I’m thrilled to say that my overall fitness has improved considerably … my balance has improved, I’m now confident getting in and out of the bath, and I have lost 19 pounds. Even during my flares I’m able to continue walking due to my improved balance.  I recommend this company and this approach without reservation.” Diane R., Age 65

“When I began working with (Love Your Age) I was having difficulty with my balance. I can now stand in the kitchen and make my coffee without assistance. I am steadily improving and I look forward to more to come.” J.S. (Age: early 90’s)

What is the secret to aging more slowly and living longer? (via @ScienceDaily) http://t.co/VITkZd0oIp 9 Facts About Aging That Will Actually Get You Excited About Growing Older http://t.co/On45sbyPy7 via @HuffPost50

Engaging in a brisk walk of 20-40 mins, most days of the week, lowers risk of death for men with high blood pressure. http://bit.ly/RNGeIc

Did you know there are 7 primal movements we use every day without knowing if? Have a look! http://bit.ly/1nxzWaN

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